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Last Updated: October 24, 2013
Having your very own website can be a lot of fun and very profitable, but there are also a few things that you also need to consider to get up and running. For example, you will need to find a web host company to actually park your website online for the world to see.

Although there are plenty of good options for you today, compared to say, ten years ago, the choices may also lead you down a road less traveled. When it comes to being online this may not be a good thing. While strong competition has pushed out many of the would-be poor choices, the question still remains: which company offers the best hosting solution? Which is the most affordable and best value? Which company is the easiest to use?

These were questions that we set out to find with over ten dozen live websites to test them with. We decided to test and analyze the TOP 15 web hosting solutions on the market today and come up with the "TOP 3" choices, using simple criteria: reliability, ease-of-use, and overall value.

Again we reviewed the Top 15 hosting companies, using the following criteria:

  • Reliability - Was the web hosting a reliable option, fast, and running smoothly?
  • Easy to Use - How easy was the system to use and navigate?
  • Overall Value - Was the product offerings fair for its price?
1and1 Review

Rating 10/10

Easy to Use
Overall Value

"The Best Overall Web Hosting"

After a long nine month study of the Top 15 web hosting companies, we chose "1and1" web hosting service to be our Top Choice.

After adding up the numbers and data we collected, our top choice was clear: 1and1 web hosting was the new king on the block. We were so impressed with each category that the actual decision was a pretty easy one.

We have been hearing a bit of chatter about the investments "1and1" has been making with web host servers. Their market strategy has been pretty straight forward all along: create the most effective, fast, and reliable network for website owners and deliver it at a reasonable cost. Their plans start at $4.99 per month, but the first year of unlimited service starts at $3.49 per month, which was the cheapest among the 15 companies we looked at.

Their service includes unlimited web space, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts, and includes one free domain name.

While we knew their value was right up there with the other top web hosting companies we also wanted to focus on their reliability. How did they pair up against the others? Was there any significant down time - even during the high peak hours? After analyzing our own personal analytics over a period of nine months, we found 1and1 to be highly secure and reliable system that deserves our highest confidence.

What about its user-friendly dashboard? Was it easy to use and navigate through? We have looked at dozens and dozens of dashboards and user panels, and found the 1and1 has one of the easiest systems we have tried. They simply got it right. We think that the 1and1 easy-to-use interface should be introduced as the industry standard.

The icing on the cake came with their excellent and knowledgeable customer support representatives which we tried on a couple of occasions.

Certainly, we feel confident that 1and1 hosting is the Top Choice among the 10 web hosting solutions we looked at.

The Verdict: Outstanding value, extremely reliable, and easy to use.

Rating 9.3/10

Easy to Use
Overall Value

Highly Recommended

2. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has certainly been the industry leader over the last several years, which is why they came so close at taking the number one spot.

We were very impressed with the overall web hosting service from GoDaddy and the quality of their service, which they have improved considerably over the last couple of years after unprecedented growth.

First, let's discuss value. While GoDaddy's prices are fair, they didn't quite deliver the unlimited packages we have seen across the board. And to be fair, many website will not use "unlimited" bandwidth or storage, it is good to know that even if you use quite a bit, that you want get charged extra, which can happen if there are large file or data transfers.

Yet, GoDaddy really shines when it comes to usability. Their user-friendly interface should be the industry standard. It's clear that they have invested quite a lot into their user interface.

We also looked at their reliability. Here again, they do an excellent job of maintain fast servers that keep your website up and running smoothly despite any high traffic peaks.

We highly recommend GoDaddy as the second choice for a webhosting solution.

Rating 8.7/10

Easy to Use
Overall Value

Also Recommended

3. BlueHost

BlueHost has burned quite a trail on the web hosting scene in the last few years, really pushing the industry to new heights. We had a hunch that they would find their way to the top of our study.

BlueHost customer reviews say BlueHost is another solid choice for their web hosting solution in terms of value and reliability. While we found their system to be very reliable throughout our entire study, we found that their user interface was geared more towards the savvy internet user, much like WordPressHosts.org says. This might be okay for some, but not okay for those who are just starting out.

In addition, we called their technical support and had mixed reviews. Two of the representatives we spoke to seem very knowledgeable and friendly, however three of them seemed a little hurried and didn't understand our fairly simple questions.

Despite coming in third place BlueHost is still a very strong choice for website owners.

Who offers the best hosting? We recommend 1and1
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